Behind the Scenes: Thank God I’m Purty Photo Shoot

We can’t wait for you to see the final outcome. But here is a sneak peek at our Thank God I’m Purty photo shoot.

Btw, our TGIP (Thank God I’m Purty) t-shirts will be on the site THIS WEEK!


Purty girls – Claudine and Monica
MUA CJ working her magic on Claudine

And of course there were plenty of selfies…

2015-08-30 16.54.44
Celfie w/ the crew
2015-08-30 17.07.24
Purty Girls luv Nathan!
2015-08-30 16.54.34
Claudine & Monica
2015-08-30 16.05.37
Celfie w/ CJ…luv her!

Special thanks to the entire crew… especially Nathan Pearcy! You are amazing…thank you for bringing our vision to LIFE!


We are looking forward to bringing you more PURTY!

  • Photographer: Nathan Pearcy
  • MUA: CJ
  • Photo Assistant: Darius
  • Photo Assistant: Tirell

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