The First Monday In May


The first Monday in May 2020 will not be the biggest night in fashion. The annual gala was postponed due to the coronavirus.

But here are some great ways to roll out the red carpet and celebrate the the first Monday in May.

* Watch the First Monday in May

The First Monday in May

The 2016 documentary goes behind the scenes and follows the creation of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s fashion exhibit: the 2015 exhibition of China: Through the Looking Glass. This art exhibition would go on to be the most attended fashion exhibit in history. It’s available on most streaming services. 

One reason to watch: Rihanna 


If you need more reasons, then head over to the Hollywood Reporter for the 6 Juiciest Revelations in the Met Ball Doc 

And if you have absolutely no clue what it is about… take a look at the trailer.

* Spend “A Moment with the Met” at Vogue


The publication is celebrating “fashions biggest night out” this year with look back at previous met galas. You can revisit 2019’s best dressed celebs and learn the history of the event. Click here to check it out!

* Explore #MetGalaChallenge on Instagram

People are recreated some iconic celeb red carpet moments from the event.


Popsugar has round of some of the best recreations. Click here to see their list. 


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