Things Only Fashion Girls Understand…By Marie Claire Mag


Carrie Bradshaw Closet



Love this list Marie Claire just posted…we just had to share. 

Here’s what we can really related to on the list… 

3. You own shoes that are literally just for show. They hurt like hell, they’re made of some weather-inappropriate fabric, but they look perfect and that’s all you’re willing to say on the subject.

5. The extreme form of emotional turmoil that comes from having to clean out your closet. It takes days, not hours.

6. Giving away clothes is like giving away puppies. As in, you’ve already named each one and you treat them like your children.

9. You have mastered all the tricks to sneaking new shopping bags into the house. No more judgemental looks from your roommate or significant other re: damage you’ve done to your bank statement.

10. Massive distain for everything that has to be dry cleaned. This just means you don’t get to wear it as much. Or wash it as much…


Check out the full list here 


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